The Brief

Do you want to intern at Ogilvy?
We have a challenge and a brief for you

The Brief

As creators, we innovate through both fabrication or invention:

Consider the many "limitations" throughout the African landscape (e.g. Access to high-speed internet) and how creative champions have turned these from pain-points into cash cow opportunities for brands.

We want you to identify a consumer pain-point / opportunity that’s close to home and show how you could use technology and the power of a brand to address this.

NB: "Technology" isn't limited to hardware. To name a few; it could be a website, an app, an ambient experience or an innovative use of a simple toll-free line.

Here are a few classic examples from around the world:


The below idea card is a simple means of summarising your idea into a single page, before you move it forward and unpack the detail. Each bullet point's rationale shouldn’t be longer than a sentences or two.

  1. Piercing Insight
    What is a deep consumer truth or everyday South African opportunity or pain-point that has yet to be acknowledged?
  2. Brand Connection
    What is the Brand's USPs or positioning?
  3. The Idea (express this in a line)
    How does the Brand's USPs or positioning solve or address your piercing insight?
  4. The Execution:
    What communications channel(s) will best suit this idea? One of them has to be on mobile. What makes this idea talk-able and shareable?

Once your idea card is complete, you’ll want to support it with material that unpacks the detail as to how it would work on one page. This will depend on your idea, but the following suggestions may help:

Examples of an entry-boards: