The Brief

Do you want to intern at Ogilvy?
We have a challenge and a brief for you

Life in the 21st century is changing at a rapid pace. Things we thought were not possible 10 – 20 years ago now not only seem probable but in all likelihood possible.

A large part of this advancement comes from the convergence and maturing of industries like cloud computing, high-speed broadband & machine learning all at the same time as well as the relentless “digi-fication” of our lives. This, in turn, means that as a species we are now producing more data than what has ever been created in our history.

That data is being sent back to us in some form of creative work and what is considered effective creativity is changing and forcing developers, designers, data, strategists and even client service to change the way we market to people.

This digital infrastruture is the framework for all our careers.

The question is what do we do with it?

The digital revolution has connected billions of people to the internet and paved the way for transformative technologies that have improved countless lives. Yet many individuals living in developing countries have been left behind as high-speed broadband access remains practically out of reach to entire nations and regions. This digital divide is holding back the economic growth of poorer countries as they are unable to take advantage of the opportunities found in the global digital ecosystem.

As Africa looks to keep up with the rest of the world and transform in line with the social zeitgeist, many cultural tensions arise. And we need young, engaged minds to find creative solutions that drive results.

The Brief

How would you use digital to help solve social issues that matter to you?

Alleviating societal issues is neither a simple nor a quick process. New technologies do offer alternate paths forward, however.

Mental health, diversity and representation, climate change and poverty are some examples of social issues that can be addressed in an interesting and effective way.

There are many more so explore your personal brand and deliver something that you are passionate about.

Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Blog Post, Behance, Website, App, Game …. Whichever you feel best supports your story.

Video (not longer than 25 secs)
Blog Post
Animation (not longer than 25 secs)
Game (not longer than 25 secs)